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DUROOB Al Anoud 10KD Box

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DUROOB Al Anoud 10KD Box


When fragrance speaks its own language with unique vocabulary and alphabet, it becomes an expression of luxury.

Al Anoud Women's Fragrance

  • Duroob presents Al Anoud, a favorite feminine fragrance for the Eastern woman. This luxurious blend offers a long-lasting freshness and a captivating scent.
  • It serves as an air freshener and sanitizer for clothes, linens, and the body.
  • The Purple Drops blend combines classic lavender with musk and tonka, adding a magical touch to the atmosphere.
  • The 2022 air freshener and sanitizer infuse bergamot and lemon with sweet and refreshing hints, offering a heightened sense of vitality and freshness.

Country of Origin - Kuwait